Audio Conferencing opportunities.

In my last post I meant to mention that there is one outfit offering audio conferencing opportunities for genealogists. May I suggest you visit Ancestral Manor and look at their offerings
Sharon Sergeant, Lady of the Manor, so to speak, offers an interesting array of audio conferences or teleconferences including a lot of unusual topics. Check out this site, and say hello from me. If you join one of her teleconferences, please come back to us and share your impressions.


One response to “Audio Conferencing opportunities.

  1. Christine Sweet-Hart, CG

    Hi Ken —
    I have attended two of Sharon’s teleconferences and found them to be informative and interesting. It is very nice to be able to keep in communication with folks when stuck at home with small children! I wish that more societies would consider teleconferencing some of their meetings, so that folks with childcare or distance issues could attend. It might boost their membership. Another thought: podcasts. Being able to listen to a presentation, even if after the fact, would be a great benefit to membership.

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