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Back to “Risk And Hope”

In her comment on my original post, "Risk and Hope" M.Diane Rogers wrote,

"Speakers might offer societies a package of promotional materials which could be customized & copied for each event—with a brochure about the speaker, an 8 1/2 x 11 poster, an outline of the speaker’s biography & seminar titles/topics, written as samples for newspaper or e-mail notices, (preferably, I think, in Word or another common programme). Maybe even some family or other pictures could be offered for posters or promotion. (I use some interesting old postcards on my posters.) Also, speakers might want/need to make themselves available for local newspaper interviews by telephone". She continues,
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From Lecturer to Seminar Leader

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I continue to ruminate on the idea of offering full-day integrated seminars. What I am thinking is that if I can go into a community and do an all day event that has four different and possibly disconnected lectures, then surely I can integrate them and create something like those business seminars on marketing, or grant writing or dealing with handsome balding men in blue shirts (c’est moi!). But there continue to be lose ends I need to deal with. For instance
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Feedback Needed

Dear Reader,

As Genealogy Education begins its second month, I need some feedback from you. Here are my questions:

  1. Is this topic of broad enough interest to be worthwhile?
  2. Does the site look attractive?
  3. Are the entries interesting enough that you would come back frequently?

Your comments on these questions are welcome.And please comment on any other entries that interest you.

Y’All come Back!


The Lecture Biz: Searching for New Clients

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I was recently on the phone talking with the program co-ordinator of a wet coast genealogy society about plans for a fall tour in her part of the country. It was an interesting situation. She had heard about my forthcoming tour in March in British Columbia and was interested in arranging for me to continue the tour into her corner of the world. We exchanged emails, all morning and after lunch she phoned me and

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Building the Teacher’s Library


Teaching genealogy is often a labor of love. An excited genealogy buff emerges in a community and creates from the whole cloth what she or he thinks out to fit in a curriculum. A few inquitive people seek out what has already been written on the topic of genealogy education. These people would benefit from a closer look at some of the following titles:

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These Magic moments

Teaching genealogy has its magic moments. We long remember those “light bulb” moments when a student struggling to grasp some critical point has that moment of illumination when the lights grow bright and you know someone is home in that noggin as they exclaim– “Now I see what you mean!”. These are wonderful triumphs of the mind.. But the really magic moments are a the triumphs of the heart and mind. Let me tell you about one such event

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Topics for Lectures 3

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Sitting at my desk ruminating on a talk I had heard by Elizabeth Shown Mills entitled “Maximizing Our Use of Indexes”, I found myself staring at the handout when I was struck by an interesting fact, her headings gave a rather interesting formula to construct a lecture on a large number of topics. Looking for patterns and using patterns in new ways is an interesting way to expand your repertoire of teaching and organizational strategies. Here are four headings Elizabeth had on her handout: Continue reading

Speakers and Societies: Singing the Duet

It was in September 2003 and I was in Orlando at the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference when I had one of those moments when I wished I was twins. I was scheduled to be in one place, and wanted to be in a lecture by Rhonda McLure entitled, “Speakers and Societies: Bridging the Communication Gap”. My twin never materialized but someone who was there took time to tell me about it.

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Return of the Genealogist in Residence

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The Genealogist in Residence idea can also be used as a promotion tool by a speaker. Consider this scenario

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SpeakerNet News

Take a look on the bottom of the right hand column under Useful Links for a new link, SpeakerNet News. Check them out. Take a look at the products offered too. If teaching/lecturing genealogy is your business, you will find lots of ideas here.