New Years Resolution: Educate the Educator

January is a good time to sign up for some serious genealogy education of our own. We can’t always cut wood, we need time to sharpen the saw. May I suggest you think carefully about the opportunities, look into the options and get into the books. Here are a couple of options you might find interesting

  1. The American Genealogy course offered by the National Genealogical Society
  2. The National Institute for Genealogical Studies on-line courses (see link on right hand panel)

Both NGS and the National Institute for Genealogical Studies offer quality courses in genealogical instruction for a fee.

I’d be interested in hearing your comments on online genealogy courses you have taken. Supply the URL and I’ll add the link.


2 responses to “New Years Resolution: Educate the Educator

  1. There are also the Free Online Genealogy Courses from BYU Independent Study Program. They have 26 Family History Web Courses for free! They are all non-credit and anyone can take these online courses at anytime from any computer with Internet access.

    Go to the web site

    and click on Special Offers to access the free courses.

  2. Kathy,
    The BYU free online classes are very good for people just starting out. And I recommend them to those who fit in that group. But in this post I was aiming at  “Educating the Educators”, those who have advanced certain skills to the point they are teaching genealogy classes, lecturing at society meetings and conferences etc. And the two institutions I mention are just examples. There are others.
    I do appreciate you drawing attention to the BYU classes. Have you taken any of them? What do they teach you about structuring the learning experience on the internet?
    Come again regularly, Kathy, your comments are always welcome.

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