Web-based Training

Ever thought of running a genealogy course from your web site.? I have, but I am just not ready to tackle that yet. But the other morning while looking for something on mentoring, another book, a weighty tome of 582 pages, fell off the library shelf and landed on my toe.

Joseph Sinclair, Lani Sinclair and Joseph Lansing, Creating Web-based Training: A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Effective E-Training (New York: Amacom, 2002)

Take a look.


2 responses to “Web-based Training

  1. Hi Ken,

    I have had a genealogical tutorial online since 1998. Some pages are more recently updated. Please see:


    This is definitely easier than repeating everything I know to everyone who asks for help. I just give them the url and many beginners questions are answered.

    Sharon Centanne

  2. Sharon, great idea. Take a look at the free on-line programs from Brigham Young University Continuing Education. Short one or two lesson mini courses. Pay attention to sequencing, content, graphics etc. Compare with yours. Any suggestions on how theirs could be improved?

    Delighted you are working on this. Another one to look at is a free short class on-line from Genealogy Research Associates. This one is about organizing your genealogy. Take a look and compare with others. What do you think?

    I appreciate your comments. Come back any time!


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