Teaching in Print

Teaching in Print! What a concept! No students with colds, no drafty classrooms. Have you ever taken a lesson on how to do something and prepared it as an article for a genealogy periodical? You could submit these for publication in any local society publication just for the free publicity you get. Or you could submit it to one of the news stand genealogy magazines fort consideration, and a little money if they publish it. Who looks for short articles? Several publications come to mind: Family Chronicle, Everton’s Genealogical Helper, Family Tree Magazine, Heritage Quest and Ancestry to name a few.

Before you submit, be sure to contact the editor and ask for the guide for writers. Here is one from an on-line genealogy journal, the BYU Family Historian

The BYU Family Historian

Center for Family History and Genealogy

1031 Joseph F. Smith Building

Brigham Young University

Provo, UT 84602
The BYU Family Historian is an online academic journal published by the Center for Family History and Genealogy at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. We would like to invite you to submit an article, book review, CD-ROM review, or DVD-ROM review for this new publication.
We plan to publish articles relating to family and local history, research techniques and procedures, descriptions of genealogical and historical records and collections of international scope, documented compiled genealogies, professionalism, and reviews. Articles on beginning genealogy as well as scholarly articles are solicited. Articles should include footnotes and be well documented. Articles will be peer reviewed. We follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition (Chicago, 2003).
Currently we are accepting articles for our 2005 issue. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, please:

  • attach an electronic copy to your email in Microsoft Word to either the editor or assistant editor
  • OR mail a PC floppy disk or PC zip disk (100 or 250MB)

We prefer an electronic version, if possible. WordPerfect documents will be converted to Microsoft Word.
Images may also be published; they should include a description and source citation. Copyright and liability responsibility for the article and images rests with the author. Including internet links as they might relate to the article or review may also be helpful. Be sure to include your email address, telephone number, and also a short biography of yourself.
Thank you,
Kathleen Shipley, Assistant Editor

Email: kathleen_shipley@yahoo.com
Kip Sperry, Editor

Email: sperry@byu.edu

Telephone: 801-422-5030
For previous volumes of the journal, visit

For more information about the Center, please visit:


Take a look in your educator’s bag of tricks and come up with an idea, then give it a try.

What’s been your experience. Your comments are welcome as always.


One response to “Teaching in Print

  1. Hi,
    There is a real value in learning to write in a clear concise way research procedures. Its good practice for the teacher or lecturer, and good for local and state genealogical journals. It might also be a way to receycle some of those lectures you once enjoyed giving but no longer feel the excitement about. tired of doing that old lecture on censiuses? Pick up the segment on the 1840 census you did explaining how to make sense of that head of household census by comparing it with the 1850 census. Step by step. and Voila! You have a short artticle for your genealogical society publication, a “silent salesman” promoting you as a teacher. What do you think?

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