Topics for Lectures and Lessons 1.

When my cousin Des took over as editor of our family history journal 12 years ago it was a major shock to his system. You see, we took him to the deep end, and simply threw him in!It seems that for many genealogical society newsletters, and journals the editors are recruited and tossed in like a sacrifice to the waters. After 12 years, Des is getting tired, but he has done a credible job. Most of us after 12 years could learn the task too. But there is a need for eduucation and training NOW for genealogical society publication people. I would suggest that some enterprising genealogy educator should put togther an all day seminar just on publishing genealogy newsletters. Break it up into four or five sessions. And cover such things as identifying editorial needs, attracting appropriate submissions, evaluating submissions, and working with writers. What do I mean by those editorial needs? Essentially this:

  • determining the purpose and scope of the publication
  • understanding the readership and what they want/need
  • establishing standards for the publication and
  • working out a “style sheet”

There is a lot of disappointing material that passes for writing in a great many local society publications. But there are very few people teaching society publications people how to do better. Here is an unusual opportunity. Anyone interested in rising to the occasion and running such an event. What do you think?Your comments are most welcome


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