Teaching Standards for Lecturers

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In the BCG Genealogical Standards Manual there is a neat chapter entitled “Teaching Standards” (pages 21-25) which I really like. It packs a lot in a few words. Here’s some of the concepts for lecturers

  • Presentations are accurately titled, coherant, reliable and useful.
  • Handouts and visuals for each presentation are accurate, topic approriate and enhance learning.
  • Bibliographies in handouts are up-to-date and suitably comptehensive.
  • Lecturers do not reuse another speaker’s overall presentation or any part thereof without permission and full source citation .

Take a look yourself. If you haven’t a copy of this work, here is the citation:

Board for Certification of Genealogists
The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual (Orem, UT: Ancestry Inc., 2000)

This is the sort of work I keep at hand at my desk all the time. You should too. What do you yhink? your comments are welcome


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