Are Genealogical Educators Underpaid?

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Good question? When a genealogical researcher charges you $50 per hour and solves a problem you cannot because she is in Oregon and you are in Nova Scotia a continent away from that court house or archive, its a good investment. But do we think the love of genealogy is sufficient pay for the man or woman who teaches you the finer points of genealogical research sources and methods? How much would you pay for ten one-hour classes ? What do you think? What factors impact on your decision?


2 responses to “Are Genealogical Educators Underpaid?

  1. I coordinate and teach several classes in a 10 session (15 hours) genealogy course for the Bergen County (NJ) Genealogy Society. This course is part of the Ridgewood (NJ) Community Schools program. The tuition for this course is about $65 (this year’s brochure is not yet available). The Society receives $20 an hour for this course and to me it is a bargain for the student. The lecturers are members of the society who have expertise in the various lecture topics, and they volunteer their efforts for the society and the study of genealogy. In addition to the course, the students are given a one year’s free membership in the society, currently our dues are $15 per year for individuals. Thus, our students pay about $5 per hour of instruction which I think is a real bargain, and I’m descended from Scots so I ought to know;>)

  2. Joes,
    Delighted to hear from you.
    The Society receives $20 per hour. What does the instructor receive? and What do Ridgewood community Schools receive?


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