Web-based instruction

If you are thinking about designing a module for web-based instruction, its useful to look at other examples, work them through and articulate your thoughts on them. Besides its good self-directed learning while you do it.  We previously suggested you look at


You might also compare how this one looks and feels with

http://home.tampabay.rr.com/centans/genguide.html> and


Obvious some of these will feel and work different from others. What do you like about each? What do you think each could do better?

I have an open mind. I have not yet peeked at them! Tell me, whatdo you think? Why?
Thanks to Sharon Centane, Deb Bendig and Debbie Duay.


2 responses to “Web-based instruction

  1. Ken,

    I went last night to work through the first one – the one at http://www.learnerwebskills.com. I was prepared to be unimpressed.

    Frankly, they have done a very nice job of it. Putting a step-by-step demonstration together for each sub-topic was a stroke of genius. Then clicking another link allows the user to use the step-by-step guide on the left to practice on the actual web site on the right side of the screen. Another stroke of genius.

    I passed the link to my genealogy group for their reactions last night – I’ve had no response yet. Hopefully, they are trying it out rather than emailing me tonight! I will take the link to our computer group meeting on Wednesday and see how people react to it.

    Thanks for the links – I’ll try the other sites too.

    Cheers — Randy

  2. Ken,

    The OCLC WorldCat site also does a nice job of demonstrating and explaining what searches can be performed at the WorldCat site.

    Frankly, I knew that WorldCat was there, but had not investigated it at all. I’ve seen enough at the site to realize that I’ve been missing some things.

    I have downloaded the PDF to save (in my new “education” folder on the computer) and will investigate the site tomorrow at the library in the computer group. I will also send an email notice to my research group folks to apprize them of it.

    Of course, since you are a library wizard, you knew about it – very good trick of challenging your readers to investigate it and comment, rather than telling us how great it is…I kinda feel like I have a hook in my lip and you’re pulling me in…keep up the good work. Now it’s 11 PM and past my bedtime – thanks for the “fun.”

    Cheers — Randy

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