Genealogy Textbook Suggestion

Looking for a text book for an advanced level genealogy class? There are of course a number of great books out there but the other day I was reflecting on one such book, by Karen Clifford.This book was written for a purpose…to help people prepare to be Accredited Genealogists. What’s the book? Becoming an Accredited Genealogist: Plus 101 Tips to Ensure Your Success ( Orem, UT: Ancestry, 1968). And what’s an Accredited Genealogist?

This is not the usual sort of book for advanced genealogy but it has some real potential. Consider the chapter titles

  • Why this book was written. This chapter includes a section on ethics.
  • Public expectations of a professional genealogist. There iis a good discussion of the importance of thoroughness in research, but the section on evidence would need to be supplemented.
  • The accreditation process.
  • Are you ready to apply for accreditation? This chapter has some good basic reference sources and a very useful “pre-test” that would help many a genealogist discover areas of weakness.
  • Report writing. Includes some useful practical assignmentsin report preparation. Remember we need to make reports to ourselves to clarify findings, explain logic and bridge gaps between research opportunities.I lioked the assignments that have students transcribe, abstract, write a commentary on the value of the records in solving the problem, and research plans that come out of the information in each document.
  • Practical exercises in analysis.As it says
  • Preparing research guides
  • Further educational opportunities

Take a look for yourself. Your comments are welcome


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