Genealogical Speakers Guild

This is an interesting group. An assemblage of some of the most talented speakers in genealogy in North America who band together to reach the following objectives:

  • to provide a unified, effective voice to promote speakers interests by providing a forum for discussion of topics of concern to genealogical speakers.
  • to broaden the speaker base by identifying, educating and assisting promising speakers.
  • To raise professional lecture standards.
  • To aid speakers in understanding and fulfilling their obligations to program planners and to audiences.

As you go through the directory you’ll spot some of our famous colleagues like Wendy Elliott and Paula Stuart-Warren. And some names you may not recognize. Among them all are some real surprises, up and coming speakers who are making names for themselves locally.

As you plan your next genealogy event, check out the Genealogical Speakers Guild and pick your next speaker from among their ranks.

Your comments are welcome.


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