Feedback Needed

Dear Reader,

As Genealogy Education begins its second month, I need some feedback from you. Here are my questions:

  1. Is this topic of broad enough interest to be worthwhile?
  2. Does the site look attractive?
  3. Are the entries interesting enough that you would come back frequently?

Your comments on these questions are welcome.And please comment on any other entries that interest you.

Y’All come Back!



13 responses to “Feedback Needed

  1. Ken,
    I enjoy reading your posts. I also make note of books or other reference material you mention. I was glad to see you had a link for a feedreader. I set that up so I now know when you make posts to your site. Thanks for doing this. Those of us who are just starting to think we want to teach genealogy need to learn from those of you who do this already!

  2. Ken,

    Lela Evans and I like it so much, we’re planning to use it in the Dallas Genealogical Society Speakers Roundtable which meets on odd numbered months. We’ve already linked to your 28 December article on Handouts. We chance host each meeting, so I’ve added a link to your Blog in my help file for each host.

    I’ve also passed a link to your article on “Genealogist In Residence” to our new VP for Education.

    Thanks for the fine work.

    John Wylie
    DSG Director for Special Interest Groups

  3. Barbara Schenck

    I like your site. I think broadening it to include more on the self-education of genealogists rather than aiming it at teachers of genealogy would perhaps broaden the readership more.

    But I find interesting topics and good links and I’m very grateful for them. Thanks.

    The site is pleasing and easy to navigate, but could you PLEASE get a bigger font for the comments page? I can’t read thiings this small!


  4. I am not ready to devote a lot of space to self directed study for genealogists, but I will from time to time add suggestions from my reading and experience.

    I have asked the folks who provided the template to see if they can come up with a largerfont for the comments.

    Thanks for your comments, Barbara. Come again often.

  5. Ken,

    As you know, I am not an educator by profession (did I mention I am an aerospace engineer?), although I am an occasional genealogy speaker and am a society program chairman, so your topics and posts are of vital interest to me.

    The focus of the blog has been narrow so far, but that is your interest and expertise. I think that genealogy educators, speakers, lecturers, etc are welcomed here. You actually have gotten more comments on your blog in January than Dick Eastman got in his, I believe. Different blog emphasis, but encouraging.

    I really like the current format with larger type and larger reading window.

    Yes, the entries are interesting to me, and they challenge me intellectually (which I need, but my responses often seem to be anecdotal rather than intellectual). I read all of your posts and the comments, but only comment when I feel I have something useful to contribute. I try to visit every night to see what new thoughts you have come up with to challenge me.

    I was happy to see your post on the APG list, and hope you have had some response to it.

    I am recommending your site at my “Genealogy Is Fun” talk tomorrow to my local society – you may see a few more hits from Chula Vista in the coming days!

    Have fun in BC — Randy

  6. This is a fabulous site…and very much meeting a need. I find it impressive that the site is so profession and so packed with information in so short a time.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Ken,
    For anyone to increase the size of the font on any webpage go to: View, Text zoom (Mozilla) or in Explorer, View, text size. Then you can increase the size to whatever you want it to be!

  8. Luogo interessante, buon disegno, lo gradisco, signore! =)

  9. Its always good to see someone willing to help keep the past alive through our ancestors

  10. I agree Chris, i would definately come back to the site, its easy to find what you want, but also looks professional.

  11. Very nice posting, keep posting. Fully agree with you.

  12. I am sorry to hear about Ken’s passing. The Geneaology community has lost a friend.

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