From Lecturer to Seminar Leader

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I continue to ruminate on the idea of offering full-day integrated seminars. What I am thinking is that if I can go into a community and do an all day event that has four different and possibly disconnected lectures, then surely I can integrate them and create something like those business seminars on marketing, or grant writing or dealing with handsome balding men in blue shirts (c’est moi!). But there continue to be lose ends I need to deal with. For instance
I have a nice series lectures in mind that I can integrate into a single seminar. I have some ideas on how to find co-sponsors, and how to run events on my own.

Recently I started to think about how to use the internet and other direct marketing to promote registration. I even found a seminar on the topic! But I also found a six page paper By Dr. Ralph Elliott entitled,”How to Overcome the Nine Most Common Objections to Registering for Your Programs

Dr Elliott has some interesting ideas that impact on the whole approach. How to increase my credibility as a lecturer and authority on the topic is one interesting aspect. Another deals with the use of testimonials by satisfied students. Its worth a look. As I read the article I could see how it would impact on how I designed promotional brochures, and web sites, what I did to the registration process, and how followup activities were handled. Most enlightening.

Check it out and send me your comments.


2 responses to “From Lecturer to Seminar Leader

  1. Ken,

    I haven’t had the chance to look over the site you recommended, but as a writer who has talked at lots of writers’ conferences, I know one thing that works well is one-on-one consultations. Could you arrange a day when you did lectures for part of the day and one-on-one consultations (perhaps those getting to do that would pay an extra amount) with some of the attendees?

    I know that I would love to be able to bounce a few of my brickwall problems off someone else’s expertise. And I was just speaking yesterday to a woman who has Irish problems up to her eyeballs and said, “I’d give anything to be able to just show these people to someone who knows the records even better than I do and ask them if they can see what I’m missing.” She’s a very astute researcher, too, so if she thinks that she might find new ideas that way, I’m not the only one!

    I just spent the afternoon bouncing ideas for the proper resolution of a book (fiction) off three writer friends and a former editor of mine. They all brought expertise to the topic and after much discussion I now have the solution to my problem! Whew!

    So I would think that one-on-ones in genealogy would also open up lots of good avenues for people to consider and explore.


  2. What a great idea! Its actually on my list of future topics because it is a natural followup for the previous postings on the Genealogist in Residence. Thanks for raising the issue.

    I am working with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies and hope to set up just that sort of consultation program using phone and email. But it works best in person, I agree.
    Watch for more on this.

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