The Lecture Biz: Searching for New Clients

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I was recently on the phone talking with the program co-ordinator of a wet coast genealogy society about plans for a fall tour in her part of the country. It was an interesting situation. She had heard about my forthcoming tour in March in British Columbia and was interested in arranging for me to continue the tour into her corner of the world. We exchanged emails, all morning and after lunch she phoned me and

we sorted through a few ideas. It was a good experience for both of us and we decided to work towards a particular fall date. She was eager to explore ways for me to speak to other groups in that part of the country thus reducing travel costs. I like that in a program planner: determination to solve problems and challenges. It was a fortunate break. Not always do people call me first. I tend to get out and hustle to fill my calendar. In an article I found on SpeakerNet News on a survey of professional speakers/trainers suggested the following top five ways professional speakers find new clients

  1. References from existing clients
  2. References from other speakers
  3. References from friends
  4. Responses to a direct mail piece
  5. Responses to a call

Experiences like mine are more uncommon and ranked in nineth place tied with reponses to web site, and referal from audience member.

If you are a professional genealogist looking to grow your speaking business, what does this survey tell you about your approach?

I’d be delighted to hear from you about this posting.


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