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In her comment on my original post, "Risk and Hope" M.Diane Rogers wrote,

"Speakers might offer societies a package of promotional materials which could be customized & copied for each event—with a brochure about the speaker, an 8 1/2 x 11 poster, an outline of the speaker’s biography & seminar titles/topics, written as samples for newspaper or e-mail notices, (preferably, I think, in Word or another common programme). Maybe even some family or other pictures could be offered for posters or promotion. (I use some interesting old postcards on my posters.) Also, speakers might want/need to make themselves available for local newspaper interviews by telephone". She continues,
"Along with these could be a checklist of ideas for publicity or promotion, a list of websites where events can be posted, for instance, and perhaps a requirement that there be at least some paid advertising would be part of the speaker’s contract with the society".

There is some very good advice in those comments. I heartily endorse them. Thank you Diane.

If you are a speaker, what's in your media package? And if you are a program planner for a society or library, what would you like to see in the speaker's media packet?


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