A Workshop needs a Workbook

As I use the term, a workshop involves students working at something. For example, if I were offering a workshop on transcribing and abstracting wills, the students would do just that, transribe and abstract a will. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? But a workshop like that needs a workbook I’m told.

So the next logical step, is to create a workbook for the workshop. Here is something tangible the student can take home from the event. I’ve never created a good one, but I’ll have to make one this year. so I contacted my friend Byron R. Burnham, Professor and Department Head in the Department of Instructional Technology at the University of Utah. Byron is a busy man so when I asked for help finding some guidance in building a workbook. His suggestions boil down to this:

  • Tie all that you do in the workbook to the seminar objectives.
  • Put an outline of your presentation in the workbook with places for notes so students can fill it in as they take notes
  • Provide all the worksheets need. Possibly as an appendix, but possibly in the body of the workbook.

Byron had some examples including this one you might use as a model.
Have you created a workbook– something greater than a four page handout? Was Byron’s advise on the mark? You tell me.


2 responses to “A Workshop needs a Workbook

  1. Very useful article, thank you.  Cheers, Carole

  2. I agree with Byron’s first bullet fully. Start with the objectives. You may also want to consider looking at Bloom’s taxonomy as a guide for the type of objectives that you want to write. these objectives will guide the type and format of the workbook you plan to create. I’ve attached a web site but there are many more.

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