Working with Speakers.

Here’s an idea for genealogical society program planners,and librarians hiring speakers. If the speakers fee seems to high, instead of trying to negotiate down the fee, try to increase the value. Read on to see what I mean

For example, I discovered one of my colleagues will offer a free 30 minute luncheon or banquet speech if you sign up for her 4 lecture package.

Another would give a free lecture the night before at the Family History Center, like I’ll be doing on St. Patrick’s day in Vernon.

One speaker, countered a request for a discounted fee by offering to do a free tele-conference for early registrants.

Some speakers will do a general question and answer session fielding any and all student problems.

Still another suggested he would offer to lead a discussion with the local society executive on new member recruitment and member retention.

And of course you can ask if they’d run a problem solving clinic either before or after the event. Wanna boost over that brick wall? sign up here.

Most speakers would rather give a bit more than cut their fees. So use a bit of imagination to work out options and find win/win situations. It can be done when you think about giving value for the dollar.


One response to “Working with Speakers.

  1. I cannot speak for other speakers, but there are some of us with a product to sell that might be enticed with an advertizing credit in the host society’s newsletter or journal.


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