Roses for Milady: An Added Value Option


Many the time a bouquet of Red Roses has won over an uncertain lady to new suitor. Ofen as speakers we encounter program planners who want our programs but want a reduced fee. I am learning the hard way that its better not to cut the fee, but to increase the value. Offer something extra.

Many genealogy speakers have skills and experience beyond speaking and teaching. Some have been genealogy society officers, or newsletter / journal editors. Others have business experience of value in other contexts. Perhaps you are one of these. Why not consider teaching others these skills? Why not make this the something extra? Consider these ideas:

* How to create effective bylaws for your society. *Creating a budget that works for your society. *Increasing attendance at your annual seminar. *Recruiting, retaining and rewarding Society members.  *Program planning for genealogy societies.

Suppose you had been the membership secretary of a Society and had a successful strategy to recruit and retain new members. You could develop a discussion based presentation to introduce some of your ideas, then offer it for free to the executive on the Friday night over dinner the  before your all-day workshop. Leading an informal discussion and introducing things from your experience is far easier for most speakers than speaking.

I tried this for the first time about 8 years ago. The executive had a pot luck dinner and over dessert I learned about their past experiments in new member recruitment, and we discussed three or four new ideas to recruit and retain members.

Dinner was great, and the ideas exchanged were stimulating. And they came away with a plan. Would this work for you? If you were a member of a society executive, would this be of interest? If you are a speaker, can you be a discussion facilitator? I’m interested in your thoughts.


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