Too Busy to write a Book? Write a Booklet!

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Here’s an idea to: promote your services, establish yourself as an expert in youir field of genealogy, distribute your own value added product, and generate additional revenue.

As I was preparing material for my forthcoming British Columbia Roadshow I realized some of my handouts are getting packed with lots of pages of valuable information. For the workshop formats this leads to the creation of a workbook. But the lectures are a bit different. This afternoon I stumbled on a reference to seminar speaker Paulette Ensign and her tips booklets. Paulette teaches about relationships, and I teach about finding ancestors, but I am not so stupid that I cannot appreciate a clever idea. What are her tips booklets?

  • Tips booklets educate a target audience with tips techniques or strategies
  • Tips booklets are simple in design and format with minimal graphics photos or colors
  • They measure 3.5 by 8.5 inches
  • They contain 16-28 pages

What topics suit you? What niche area do you specialize in? Cuban passenger lists? English censuses? Nevada mining records? Whatever you research about, you probably have tips on how to search these records. Create a tips booklet.

What do you think?

I think I need more time!


2 responses to “Too Busy to write a Book? Write a Booklet!

  1. Ken,

    Thanks so much for the reference to my site. You are far from stupid, that’s obvious. So, how can I serve you in getting your first booklet written? I also present teleclasses which is something we could do as a joint venture if you’re interested.

    Kind regards,

  2. This sounds like a great idea.

    I have just converted most of my ‘plain jane or joe’ handouts into a 2-4 page 8 1/2 x 11 booklet with some pictures, thinking these could then be punched & filed in a binder. (After being thoroughly read, I hope; perhaps that is wishful thinking, as you’ve said elsewhere, Kenneth…)

    A smaller booklet though looks more like a ‘publication’ & could be really easily done for very specific or local topics.

    DearMyrtle (Pat Richley) has some booklets like this & I have found people really like them—short sections, quick to read; and Myrtle always is giving you ideas of things to ‘get going on’.

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