Thoughts on Self-Directed Learning #5


When I was a young man my Sunday School teacher taught me an interesting concept in self directed learning. Her message was that I could read the Scriptures linearly, page by page like you read a book or I could use read a few verses, then look up key concepts in a concordence or topical guide, find all the related references and read them. So how does that relate to the education of the genealogy educator?

I’m glad you asked. We are a bit short of Holy Scriptures in the field of genealogy, but there are no shortage of books out there. Supposing I was interested in preparing a lecture or lesson on using the census. My first step would be to read a selection of the chapters in how-to books on census research. Then I would look for books specifically on the census and census taking. This would be followed by a search for journal articles in scholarly genealogy journals that describe how the census was used to solve problems. I tend to also search for articles in academic journals that discuss using the 19th century census for historical or demographic studies. In “Self -Directed Learning #4” I discussed how to read this material using PSQ5R. In the end I’d assemble all the notes and brainstorm ideas for the lecture. Out of one such exercise I developed four different lectures related to the 19th century census in England.

Would this work for you? It’s time to stretch yourself.

What are your thoughts?


One response to “Thoughts on Self-Directed Learning #5

  1. Pat Brumfield

    I thought the information on self directed learning was informative and the example fully explained the process

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