Diagnostic Tests for Genealogy Educators

Here’s a test for you to hone your skills on.

A genealogist comes into the Family History Library in Salt Lake City dragging a two-wheel dolly with two bankers boxes held on with bungi cords, sets up at a table and pulls files to work on. Its true. I saw this with my own eyes!

Another time I visited the Family History Library I spotted this woman entering the facility toting a very large canvas sack bulging with files, on the side of this well used tote were the words, “Genealogy is my Bag”. She heaved it up on a table, sat down and like the banker box genealogist began pulling files.
You are the educator. You see the training needs. Tell me about two or three training needs this sort of behavior indicates. How in general terms would you help this genealogist?


One response to “Diagnostic Tests for Genealogy Educators

  1. 1)Never take originals out on ‘field trips.’
    2) Pick out a goal(s) for the day’s trip. Fill out a research plan so you don’t have to lug all your documentation with you.
    3) Bring a research log to fill out as you pull files.
    4) Annotate a fact sheet with the results of previous research, so you don’t duplicate your efforts.
    5) Consider scanning existing data into a laptop and populate a genealogy software program that includes your sources, so you have access to all your data in a laptop. There are programs for PDAs that accept GED files, so you could scale down to a PDA.
    6) Bring a pile of quarters, so you can make photo copies, rather than trying to abstract or transcribe data.

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