Speaker’s Tip: Sing before Speaking

Ken Aitken profile There is a song for every occasion, or so I’ve taught my children. However, as The Hermit Poet  will attest, my singing is overrated. So this morning when  I read about Rita Risser, a motivational speaker, who warms up for speaking engagemments by singing gospel music, I had a good laugh. Yet there is something too this that speakers and teachers can learn.

  • Singing warms up the vocal chords
  • Singing songs with positive lyrics can pump you up
  • Snap your fingers and do a little dance shuffle and it will get your blood circulating ( careful about doing this in the car while driving!)

And who cares that you are slightly off key, you are not a singer, your a speaker! So thanks to Rita now I am looking for suggestions of gospel numbers for a tenor or bass to mutilate in my hotel room before my lectures and workshops on my British Columbia Road Show. What do you think? Any suggestions?


2 responses to “Speaker’s Tip: Sing before Speaking

  1. Ken,

    Have you considered a genealogy song – “I Am My Own Grandpaw” works really well for me. I used a tape of it in my “Genealogy Is Fun” talk last month…while pointing to my homemade chart showing all the relationships. I didn’t sing it, though, except at home by myself in my cave.

    Gospel music would be good too – puts you in a good mood. “How Great Thou Art” gives me a thrill every time – especially the bass parts.

    Tell us what you chose — Randy

  2. Ken,

    I AM a professional actor/singer, and it has never occurred to me to sing or vocalize before a speaking engagement! It would be an exellent warmup and keep your speaking voice in a “good place”. I can’t believe how many useful tips I’ve already come across on your site–keep up the good work!


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