Educating the Genealogy Librarian

George G. Morgan of Aha! Seminars has authored a new on-line course for genealogy librarians “Cooperative Ventures and Referrals” available as part of the Genealogy Librarianship Certificate program from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies and the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto.

I know George Morgan best as a speaker at genealogy conferences, and for his insightful comments on the genealib list with Librarians Serving Genealogists.

Increasingly libraries are involved in community development activities forming partnerships with community groups, agencies and the corporate world. The course provides the librarian or library worker with an overview of a number of cooperative ventures that a library with a commitment to genealogy patrons and organizations can initiate or in which it can participate.

Because libraries are not archives, court houses, or record repositories, genealogy librarians need to acquite the knowledge and skills in making effective referals of their patrons to these institutions. The course will also provide examples of referrals and recommendations, described in detail, that a genealogical librarian may be able to make to his or her patron.

Each of the examples of cooperative programs can be accomplished through open communications between the library and the potential partner(s) and through creative yet practical planning and execution. However, you may be surprised at some of the real-life scenarios presented and the way that their successes have been achieved.

Take a look. Tell me, what do you think?


2 responses to “Educating the Genealogy Librarian

  1. Ken,

    The link for “Librarians Serving Genealogists” above doesn’t work. I tried a few similar URLs with no success. Can you provide the correct URL?

    Is USF the Univ of South Florida?

    What is Genealib? Is it open to the world or by invitation?

    Thanks — Randy

  2. Ken,

    I remembered to Google, and

    came up. That gets you to the list. I didn’t check the archives for George’s message.

    I’m still on the road so will follow up when I get home this weekend.

    Cheers — Randy

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