Honing Speaking Skills

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After each "roadshow" I spend a lot of time thinking about what worked and what did not work. There were moments that really zinged! And some less stimulating moments in my presentations. So while these thoughts were on my mind I wondered why I had not paid more attention to Merlin Waite my college speech  professor. So I went looking for what other speakers have done to hone their skills. Here are some ideas I found

Many professional speakers will tell you to join Toastmasters. Sounds like a good idea. I'll check it out. There seem to be chapters everywhere I turn so one should meet when I am free. John Kinde claims Toastmasters  provided the SECOND most powerful training for him.  Guess what was his most powerful training experience as a public speaker.

Improv Comedy Workshops! Who would have thought that ? 

Some people work with coaches who help us learn about staging (more than how to walk in in time with your walk in music),body movement, speech structure, using humor, etc.

Others approach the speakers they admire and ask if they  would listen to  one of their lectures on tape and comment on two or three  things done very well, and two or three items where improvement would have great impact.

John Jay Bailey likes to hear the sound of his own voice. He records his speeches as often as possible and  listens  for things he can correct next time. I have tried but my ego plays havoc with my listening. Be humble. Be very humble, and you can be teachable.

Want to read more? Check out "How to hone your speaking skills" at SpeakerNet News 

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One response to “Honing Speaking Skills

  1. Toastmasters really helped me along the way. Be sure to visit more than one club and try to find one that has some professional speakers or trainers that are members.

    For a great set of CDs on how to do humor see:

    For working on your speaking skills:

    Darren also has an outstanding set of CDs on
    “Getting paid to speak next week” :

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