Wanna be a genealogy speaker?

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For those of you just launching your careers as genealogy educators, especially those wanting to lecture, I highly recommend the Genealogical Speaker's Guild Speaker's track at the Federation of Genealogical Societies' Conference in Boston August 30 -September 2. on one of those days the GSG has rounded up some of its stars to teach you the real thing> Here's what's in store for you:

"You Are Invited to Speak…" Preparing Effective Proposals
Sheila Benedict, CG

There are many important elements needed when compiling speaker’s proposals. This session will detail what it takes to write effectively so a program committee knows you have the expertise to speak at a local society or large conference.

HERE I AM – Marketing Yourself Using Print & Digital Media
Diana Crisman Smith and Debby T. Horton
A speaker must often rely on brochures, websites, and other marketing materials to obtain exposure. Marketing secrets every speaker should know to promote his or her career.

Planning and Producing a Great Presentation
George G. Morgan
Proper organization, selecting the right materials and rehearsal are keys to creating a great presentation. Learn from a professional seminar company president with over 25 years experience in producing high-quality seminars and presentations that pique attendees’ interest and educate them.

Setting Realistic Fees for Presenting Genelaogical Lectures
Paula Stuart-Warren, CG
A lecture is not just an hour or two of your time – your time includes making arrangements with the organization, updating lectures and handout masters, travel arrangements and travel time, and the actual presentation day.

Real Power Into Your Presentations.

Richard S. Wilson
Need help creating a presentation? See what PowerPoint can do to create dynamic and effective presentations. Add graphics, color and sound to liven up presentations. Discover the pleasure and value of using a data projector instead of the old transparencies.


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