How-to course for Genealogy Librarians: On-line Learning

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I understand that Marian Press has created a new on-line course for genealogy librarians and library workers. Developing a Genealogy Web Site is the last of the compulsory courses for the Librarianship Certificate offered by the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. With so little training available for librarians and library workers serving genealogists, this Certificate program has been a most welcome in-service level training for many. Here's more about the course.

The National Institute's media release says, "In this course you will be introduced to all the components of planning and building a genealogy library web site. There are many specialized books and web sites to help you in the building of an organizational web site, of whatever size. This course is designed to give you an overall understanding of all the areas that are involved, in some of which you may realize you will need further training. You will be introduced to the issues of planning, design, usability, accessibility and the technical language and definitions you will need to proceed on your own, or with a team, to build your genealogy library web site".

I have seen a lot of poorly thought out web sites in my time, so I know its important to have a good understanding of what works and what does not to communicate your message to your library clients whether you are creating the page yourself or hiring a professional to do it for you. This course is an excellant way to learn from a talented professional librarian in the comfort of your own home or office.

Learn more about Marian Press by clicking here. Interested in the class? Contact the National Institute for Genealogical Studies online or by calling (800) 580-0165. Ask for Louise, and tell her Ken sent you.

For an incredibly good and simple way to put together a web site for your genealogy activity, check out the amazing Peter Walton's site here. Peter, an exceptionally talented young man has developed a deceptively simple but powerful way for you to use his research and your ideas to build a web site in just a few minutes.

So, you have the course to help you understand the principles, and you have the tools from Peter. Should be a simple as building a lego brick pile!

What do you think? Say hi to Louise, and Peter for me!


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