Next Question, Please.

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 Question and Answer sessions are often tagged on the end of genealogy lectures and are usually focussed on the topic of the lecture, or workshop. Recently I accepted the challenge  of my friend Jon, and open up the questions to anything on the minds of those attending. Most were beginners and intermediate level genealogists. They were asked to write out their questions in advance. The questions were collected after my lecture and while they got up for munchies, I guzzled water and reviewed questions. Here's a sampling:

  • Why is it so difficult to do Irish research?
  • Do you have any advice on searching for plantations and information on them?
  • I'm having trouble finding when my ancestors came to Canada.
  • Which are the main ports of arrival for immigrants from Italy in the 1880s?
  • How do I find a birth in Ontario in 1869
  • Which is the best course to take in Canadian research?
  • Where do I start with Hungarian research?

You get the idea. Each question has a name and address/e-mail attached. I sorted through the pile and answered all I could off the top of my head for 15 minutes.  Here's a sample what turned up in the evaluations:

  • Spend more time on questions from genealogists
  • Question time was great.
  • The Q& A session was wonderful!

These three are an indication of the things said to me after– not on the evaluation. It was a good idea. Now I have thirty people I need to send personalized answers to. Thirty people who could become clients or students or participants in future endeavors. Think about it!  Thousands of genealogists out there have questions that need to be answered. Perhaps you have the answer for them.  Teach a man to fish.

Next question please. 

Your comments are welcome too. 


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