Sound Advice: Another Dreadful Pun

Some time ago I did an all-day seminar event in a large city in the west. There were about 50 people present and I was in good form. My topics were what was requested and I hoped things would go well– until I found the sound system. My contract specifically says I need a wireless microphone so I have the ability to move around into the audience. What I got was a microphone with a cord, that I had to hold just so to speak into. I did a poor job of holding it just so and consequently the complaints showed up in the evaluations. There are two lessons in this experience.

The first lesson is for the program planner and host society. If you want me to come again, invest in a sound system! In a small town in Washington state I spoke in a church building. The pastor had made certain everyone heard him! The clip on wireless microphone worked like a charm for me! Oh, and by the way, pay more attention to how your room is set up so 50 people are not spread all over Helen Gawn. Both places had needless problems with seating that made things challenging. Thankfully in the church hall I was mobile.

The second lesson is for me. If I'm going to take this speaking thing seriously, I should consider getting my own wireless mic system to take with me! So I went to Speaker Net News for advice. Click here to see what I found.

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