The Lite Version

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As I am a man of worth and girth, the thought of a "lite" version of me presenting to a group appeals to some program planners. They do not want me to lose 100 pounds, but rather reduce my fee. I was reading something on the Guerilla Marketing site about offering lite versions of your services and thinking about some things I have done.

Though I would rather increase the value of my offering (see Roses for Milady) than reduce the price, I have on occasion waived my fee in support of a local charity. For example, an publc institution with limited resources requested I give one of my lectures for them. We agreed to do so if the event could be used to solicit donations for the local food bank.

The other way would be to offer a one hour lecture version of a two or two and a half hour workshop. I have done that, too.

A third way would be to trade for services. For example one might lecture annually for a membership in a particular genealogical society, or for their publications. One group offered my a couple of extra nights in the area at a bed and breakfast establishment.

What do you think?


2 responses to “The Lite Version

  1. Giving a “lite” version of a program at a local organization for free is a wonderful way to support the organization and often to set the stage for a paid engagement from an audience attendee who plans meetings for their group. I like to set aside a fixed number of these lectures each year. That way I can tell an inquiring group if I have a Pro Bono date open or not. Its a polite way to say “no” if I have all my free slots filled for the year and lets the group know that I usually get paid.

  2. Great comment, Sandy. Thanks. How do you arrive at a number for the “”pro bono” you are prepared to deliver in a year?

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