Micro-Teaching Genealogy Patrons 1-on-1 @ the Library


Seven Quickie Programs
Here are 7 things a librarian can teach genealogists to help them become more independent learners in less than 7 minutes. Take a look for yourselves

1. How to find a genealogy book by subject in the catalogue
2. How to understand the book classification (Dewey and Cutter numbers) and find books.
3. How to load and use the microfilm reader or reader printer
4. How to complete an interlibrary loan request form
5. How to use a gazetteer
6. How to link the Gazetteer of Canada entry to the National Topographical Survey maps
7. How to use a directory of archives, libraries or museums to find other resource centres in their area of interest.

I'll bet you can think of seven more! You tell me.


3 responses to “Micro-Teaching Genealogy Patrons 1-on-1 @ the Library

  1. Ken,

    1) How to use the library online resources to use WorldCat in order to find which library has books desired for inter-library loan.

    2) How to use the library online resources to find biographical resources, Proquest, Ancestry or HQO if available, etc

    3) How to connect with a local genealogy society or professional.

    Those are what come immediately to my mind. I separated 1 and 2 because they are different tasks using the same general tool.

    Cheers — Randy


  2. Randy,
    Three good suggestions! Thanks!


  3. 1. How to use a soundex/what a soundex is
    2. How to use an archival finding aid
    3. How to order microfilm (the microfilm needs to be pulled from another floor)
    4. How to use the moveable shelving units (thats a general thing at our library)(there have been several Star Wars jokes regarding said shelves)

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