Over 75 Visitors with Nothing to Say!

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Great day yesterday. Between 75 and 125 visitors to the site but not one comment. I have never heard of so many genealogists with so little to say. At the end of each posting there appears the word "Comments" click on it and tell me what you think. What do you think of the posting? Does it make sense? Is it just the babbling of an old fool. Or does it strike a chord with you and your experience whether or not you are a speaker, a teacher, a student, a genealogists, a librarian or a program planner. Speak up.

You comments are welcome.


5 responses to “Over 75 Visitors with Nothing to Say!

  1. Ken,

    How does your system count visitors? Is it clicks on different posts? I probably clicked on the last 8 or 10 posts of yours because I hadn’t visited for several days. So perhaps there were 10 to 20 visitors instead of 75 to 125…

    That said, or wondered, I too am disappointed in the lack of responses to your thoughtful, humble, informative and even challenging posts. Almost every post gives me pause to think, even though I don’t always respond, mainly because I don’t have experience as a librarian, teacher, conference planner or seminar speaker. My experience is as a program planner, a genealogist, and an occasional speaker on genealogy topics.

    I know I haven’t added anything to the mix here, but at least I replied to your plaintive post…

    Cheers — Randy

  2. J. A. Childers

    I am one of those persons who daily visits your web site and I enjoy it very much. It has given me much to think about and I love the teachings you share. I have not written before because I am not a speaker, teacher, program planner, or librarian. I have been interested in genealogy for about 26 years, was once an editor of our small genealogy society and have hopes of one day speaking to them.
    I would like to read your tips for giving a speech to a small group of about 25 persons, who are at different stages in their learning, beginners to advanced. Perhaps you could also tell us how you draw the line between an intermediate student and an advanced one. What are some of the things one should be able to do or know.
    Thanks again for writing this blog, it has been very helpful.
    J. A.

  3. Randy and JA, Thanks for being regular readers. I know there are many and welcome comments and questions from all visitors.

    Randy, WordPress has a variety of statistical measures I am just now getting used to. The newst one is the number of hits on the site since its birth Dec 27th. Last night before retiring I noted the meter on the home page said 16,574 hits. during the night at least 30 midnight genealogists were active. A hit merely means that whether the searcher uses an URL or a search string, the results include this site. So when you check in look at the number in the stats box.

    JA Thanks for your question. I’ll see if I can write a posting on your challenge. Watch for it.


  4. Hi Ken,

    If your visitors are anything like me, it might be that they’re simply as overwhelmed as I am as to your knowledge, foresight, experience and level of activity! I stop by to learn from your fountain of wisdom, but don’t often have enough time to leave a comment. Believe me when I say that what you write, offer, muse, etc. is not unnoticed! I cannot count the number of times I’ve said, “So, THAT’S how to do it well!”

    Thanks Ken! I look forward to our paths crossing sometime soon.

  5. Elise:
    Thank you for the kind words. Glad to help. Don’t be about commenting. I have lots to learn from all of you.

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