Tale of a Remote Mouse

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When I use my powerpoint presentations I seem to have problems with my remote mouse. Mostly its an operator problem, but sometimes its the mouse. The other day I heard about a Logitech mouse that sounds useful.
The new Logitech R-RB5 remote mouse has two excellent features:

1. Volume control so that you can control your own music from anywhere in the room
2. A countdown clock you can set to the length of your talk

Sounds ideal for speakers. Has anyone used it?

I wonder about that music thing too. I've always wanted the music but never set that up. Is this a gimmick or will it enhance the learning environment.

What do you think?


7 responses to “Tale of a Remote Mouse

  1. Barbara Schenck

    Maybe it’s just me, but powerpoint presentations tend to make me sleepy. And music would probably have me nodding off faster than normal.

    I sat through a 5 day conference (not in genealogy but in a topic of significant interest to me) with too many of them 2 years ago and my mind still glazes over at the mere thought. The best parts of the conference were the actual lectures without visuals and the interaction in small groups and discussion. The powerpoints came way last. I didn’t really see anything in most of them that couldn’t have been done with handouts, though I’m sure there are good opportunities in genealogy for useful powerpoint slides. I just think they tend to be overdone, and it’s the topic and speaker who are either interesting and engaging and thorough — or not.

  2. Barbara, I’m convinced! The soft violin music is out. Tahitian drum music is in. You’ll never sleep through my lectures.

    With a good remote I’ll prowl up and down the centre aisle keep folks awake.

    Your message, however, is critical: a powerpoint presentation does not replace a dynamic speaking manner. I need to bring both to every lecture. Thanks!

  3. Barbara Schenck

    Roll on, Tahitian drum music!

    It did occur to me after I posted that if you gave a lecture on Cornish history and had twenty thousand Cornishmen belting out Trelawny, you would certainly keep people awake — and possibly even running for the doors!

    And there is plenty of interesting Scottish folk music that connects to Applachian folk music and to, I would bet, the Scots who settled in southern Alberta. There's some great stuff out there — but it better not be background music. Yawn.

    I do like the idea of you prowling the aisles. You can bop people on the head with the microphone periodically. Go, Ken!

  4. Ken,

    For those after-lunch presentations in a warm room, I suggest a question and answer time – you question, they answer. Than throw a candy kiss or a mini-candy bar or something else sweet to them when they answer correctly. Do it every 5 minutes or so and you’ll have the audience hoping for more.

    Tom Underhill does this a lot – it works every time, the audience is right on top of everything, they can’t wait to get their sweets. And it’s fun too!

    A gimmick, yeah, but it works!

    Cheers — Randy

  5. Oh, your topic was mouse stuff, sorry, I got carried away with the audience nodding off and thought I’d better put my two cents in before I realized what the topic should have been.

    Oh well, you can’t delete these, can you? If so, don’t!

  6. Where did you see the mouse….I have been looking all over for it…I have heard nothing but great things about it.

  7. Logitech R-RB5 presenter is a perfect companion of the speaker. I got mine from Sweden where it costs appr. 95 euros.

    After having used for three weeks I have no need to seek an excellent presenter anymore. It’s handy and has just those functions I need:
    – forward/backward
    – start/stop for PowerPoint presentations
    – black screen for times you only will say something without showing an image
    – laser beam
    – timer with shaker reminder
    – volume control

    Absolutely the best thing I’ve bought lately šŸ™‚

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