What’s in your Media Kit?


I've been thinking about my dreadful media kit since I wrote Man Bites Dog a while ago.  So I started looking for some advice on building my media kit. It was an eye opener.  May I suggest you check out these two sources to start with. 

To start with I had the idea my media kit should have a couple of nice pictures of me, maybe a portrait, and another of me "at work". I recalled the old days when were black and white 8 x10 glossies ( I was a newspaper man in another distant life) . Next I figured there needed to be a couple professional biographies. A Short 100 word one, and a longer one about 400 or 500 words.   To this I added a list of my lectures, a list of recent speaking engagements, and hey, presto, I had a media kit. Now I am not so sure. I started doing research. Here's just few places I looked. 

SpeakerNet News has a section on compilations of postings on certain topics. There is one on media kits. Click here to check it out.

From there I went  a web site called, Publicity Hound and found this.  THese two sources were excellant. But I pressed on. I did a google search using the terms "media kit" "how to" in one search string. The results– well check them out yourself.

Go take a look and you tell me, what are you putting in your media kit! 


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