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Pulling the Plug on On-line Classes at MyFamily.Com

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George G. Morgan of Aha! Seminars was one of the first of my friends I ran into at the Ontario Genealogical Society Seminar last week. George has been offering some on-line courses on and informed me that was getting out of the on-line courses this summer. George is looking into hosting his own on-line courses at Aha! Seminars. The loss of these courses at will be a disappointment to those looking for training at the $29.95 level. But check out George's website and watch for more news on his courses or to check out his speaking schedule. George is a talented and entertaining genealogy educator who  attracts loyal fans. Here was George from Florida, speaking in Canada, and in his audience was an elderly gentleman from Houston, Texas, who brought his daughter along to hear George. Admittedly George has an interesting sense of humor. 

Ontario Genealogical Society 2006 in Oshawa

Just got back fron OnGS in Oshawa. It was a wonderful conference with about 500 attendees lots of great spekers, and a busy vendors area. Besides Yours Truly, there were many great speakers on the program, including some colleagues from the Continue reading

The Referal Reward: Using Your Website to Identify New Clients

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The problem with a website for advertising your services as a genealogy lecturer,teacher or event promoter is that websites like posters on laundromat walls, are passively waiting for people to come to it and even then, the visitor is unknown to you.

What is needed is a way to capture names, and contact information for followup. One way might be to have a way for the visitor to obtain free information by registering for it. Sandy Dumont  who delivers professional seminars was quoted recently on SpeakerNetNews,

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Genealogy-Event-Driven Marketing

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I read something recently on that suggested that events create a controlled-marketing environment that drives sales. I find this very interesting. And it got me thinking about a conversation I had one evening at a regional genealogy conference with Ryan Taylor and Dave Obee, both  authors and lecturers.

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No-charge Conference Calls for Your Genealogy Audio Lecture.

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Still thinking about doing audio lectures or teleclasses in your genealogy market? I am. So I was interested in this tidbit of information I found in the 19 May issue of SpeakerNet News Apparently, an outfit called offers a basic no-fee conference call service!

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6. Learning and Practicing the Genealogical Proof Standard

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We continue today with another key part of the Genealogical Proof Standard, "we resolve any conflicts caused by items of evidence that contradict each other or are contrary to a proposed (hypothetical) solution to the question".

Here are some cases a class might study.

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Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts in the Genealogy Class?

There's an interesting little book I just learned about called “Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms”
Now its true that I could not distinguish a "wiki" or "wikis" from a tuberous begonia, I am curious, so I may just order it and see what I can learn. MY informant claims its a very practical book. Take a look.