Irish Genealogy Classes On-Line

Green Hills.jpg

My friend, Louise St. Denis at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies emailed me recently to remind me of some on-line classes starting this week at the Institute. I've been feeling guilty these past few months about ignoring my Irish ancestors. It seems the Connors are getting harder to ignore, but I have no knowledge of Irish records. The following classes might do the trick. Check them out on the website.

  • Irish: Census & Census Substitute Records
  • Irish: Electoral & Taxation Records
  • Irish: Land Administration Records
  • Irish: Military, Naval & Pension Records
  • Irish: Understanding Ireland, History & Source Records

The Irish research program at the National Institute is under the direction of Brian Hutchison, CG. Brian's program offers courses in Irish research that I've never seen offered before for on-line learners. Courses of this quality and detail are not free, of course. But then you already know you pay for better instruction.

Check it out. 


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