Who Else is Reading Genealogy Education?

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There is a little bird in my blog that keeps track of various statistics. I look at it every day to see how things are going. Since inception Genealogy Education has attracted 21,000 hits, according to the statistics bird. What that means is that in doing a web search the searcher has entered a string broad enough to pick up one of my postings. It does not mean the searcher actually looked at it. Pity, it sounds so impressive, an average of over 5000 hits per month.

The little bird also tells me that on the average in April about 75 people look at the blog. We had to discount the day 372 people dropped in in my calculation. It would be nice if each stopped and made a comment on whatever posting or comment they read. Some of those 75 daily visitors think I keep Randy, Barbara and Desta on the payroll as they comment most often. Its not true. I appreciate their comments, but there is room for all. After all, its the comments that tell me whether my individual postings are of interest to people. Thanks to all of you who visit. May you become a regular, is my sincere hope. And speak up! Your comments are welcome!


6 responses to “Who Else is Reading Genealogy Education?

  1. Ken,

    I couldn’t decide between these two posts:

    1) You pay? Who knew? Hmmm.

    2) Thanks for the big bucks – I’m getting so rich from my comments that I decided to start my own blog.

    Cheers — Randy

  2. Hold your breath, Randy, the check is in the mail, and you’ll get it real soon now 😉
    For the rest of you, check out Randy’s own blog by clicking on his name in his comment above. He needs the traffic. Ken

  3. I try to check in at least once a week to see what you’ve had to say. I don’t really feel qualified to comment on some of your thought-provoking ideas because I’m not an educator, simply a genealogist, but I do enjoy reading your blog and the comments from other readers.

  4. desta elliott

    Wish I could make a living from yakking–I’d be rich.

    Ken, you and I know there are millions of genealogy-oriented website. I come back to yours because it is one of the only ones that deals directly with teaching genealogy issues. Also, the work that you put into the site is truly inspiring.

  5. Ken,

    I second Desta’s comments – you are an inspiration to me also. I know how much work this takes, and what the reward is.

    Frankly, I come here every night after watching my TV programs to be intellectually challenged. It often is the most enjoyable 15 minutes of my evening. Then I go read The Genealogue humor blog and the genealogy news sites.

    I keep wondering why I am still blogging after two weeks…you’ve been going five months. My excuse right now is that this way my grandkids will always be able to read my stuff in the Google Cache or the Wayback Machine.

    Thanks — Randy

  6. Hi, Ken,

    I’m another faithful reader. Saw a comment about your post on Ancestry’s blog, then I recommended you be listed at http://www.rssgenealogy.com. Your posts are thought provoking and challenging. I don’t always comment, simply because I usually read first thing in the morning, when I checking my fav genie blogs. The mind is a little more awake than the fingers at that hour!


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