TeleClasses for Busy Genealogy Entrepreneurs

Ken looks right.jpgI receive a weekly newsletter from Seminar Announcer, a free service that promotes seminars all over the continent. There are an amazing number of free and reasonably priced programs available that are aimed at business and marketing that would be useful to anyone hoping to get ahead on the business side of professional genealogy. I was particularly interested in the TeleClasses or Audio Conferences as they are sometimes called. I suspect they are a practical solution, though imperfect, to convey information to others and could be a model for the delivery of several aspects of genealogy education. Here are some upcoming events listed:

Free TeleClasses

  • "Making Your Emails Sizzle"
  • "Kickstart Your Business On-line"
  • "Fired Up Marketing Live – Client Attraction"
  • "Podcasting for You and Me"
  • "Take Something Off your Plate"

Fee-Based TeleClasses

  • "Running and Marketing Your Small business on a Budget" $25
  • "Class Meetings" $19

Nothing expensive here. Be aware that free teleconferences like these are seen as a way for the speaker, educator to market his or her books or services. The presenter is not doing this entirely out of love. But this should not stop you from getting in on the experience. And as you listen, think, " Would this be a good way for me to market my skills to a new audience?"

After your experience call your telephone company and investigate how you could do the same sort off thing. Check out Sharon Sergent's Ancestral Manor.

Sharon is developing a series on audio conferences that fill a particular niche market. Her events have a modest registration cost of $15. If you pay $0.05 per minute long distance fees to her host ( and most of you can probably do it much cheaper) an hour would cost you about $3, bringing your cost 10 $18. Bring in a friend on your extension phone and the cost goes down to $9 per person. Hook up to a speaker phone and invite four friends and its a real steal at $3.60. You can't buy a gallon of gas for that in some places.

But, look at it from Sharon's perspective. If 15 sites sign up, she gets $225. Let's say, she subcontracts to a speaker, paying him $100 to sit in his jammies, in his recliner and share his gems of wisdom on the phone. Now she still has $125 to pay her expenses and take a profit for her work and risk. But, word gets around and there is sufficient demand for a repeat. So offer it again.
I can't see any losers here. It's WIN- WIN. Sharon's a smart woman. So listen and learn– and sign up for the SeminarAnnouncer Newsletter.

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One response to “TeleClasses for Busy Genealogy Entrepreneurs

  1. desta elliott

    Sorry, I think genealogy via jammies is already taken!

    However, let us know when you are doing one

    I could do one today: Standing on my last nerve or getting into the DAR A love triangle between my wish to please my mom, the state of VA and the quicksand of getting materials submitted to the DAR

    (I know the D.A.R. has a dark past, but the ladies in my local chapter are very nice and my 80 year old mother confessed she wants “member of the D.A.R” in her obituary which is reasonable since I think she has about 31 patriot ancestors)I just hope I get it done before she needs an obituary

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