Another Free TeleClass for Busy the Genealogy Entrepreneur


Just spotted another interesting teleclass for those juggling a variety of activities to create a genealogy business. "Prioritizing Your Target Market Niches" hosted by Cheryl Downing. Tuition: $0.00 ( just the kind I can afford) It's scheduled for 16 May 2006 at 5:00 PM and repeated at 6:00 PM. According to the blurb in the first years of our

business we will probably make a number of changes in our target market. That sounds awfully familiar to me. The objective of this free teleclass is to help you select and prioritize your top three market niches.

Now since its a free class, you know the presenter has an alterior motive or a product to sell. That's fine. What I want you to do is listen and think about this methodology, this approach and how you could use it. For instance, some of these take the form of a lecture, and some, an interview. Whatever approach, could you do something like this? Could you be giving the lecture, could you be the interviewer or could you be the expert being interviewed?

Its free. Check it out. And come back and tell me what you learned. To register, click on


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