The 150th Posting on Genealogy Education

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Here it is, the 150th posting. We began 27 December and in less than 5 months, we've had a lot of fun, reached a lot of people, (about 75 readers per day) and hopefully stimulated your thinking about genealogical education with our almost daily postings.
I'd like to say thanks to my readers.

You come from a variety of places and divergent perspectives on the genealogy education field. Some are teachers, some lecturers, some program planners, and some, librarians. Others are educators in preparation, serious genealogists and a stray poet or two who has found a link on The Hermit Poet's website .

I'd like to thank also my son, the multi-talented Hermit Poet who generously mentors his father over the phone as I make things fall apart.

Thanks to for supplying the space and working so hard to keep things moving fast and with few glitches.

Thanks too go out to Dick Eastman, David Mattison and many others who have promoted this site. Each reference brings a surge of readers. Thank you.

Thanks also to my students all over the continent from Gabriola Island, BC to Miami Florida, St. John New Brunsick and San Diego. As I reflect on my failings as a an adult educator over the past 40 years, I realize how much they have taught me.

So stick around, we've only just begun


2 responses to “The 150th Posting on Genealogy Education

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