No-charge Conference Calls for Your Genealogy Audio Lecture.

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Still thinking about doing audio lectures or teleclasses in your genealogy market? I am. So I was interested in this tidbit of information I found in the 19 May issue of SpeakerNet News Apparently, an outfit called offers a basic no-fee conference call service!

Now you can be certain they have an alterior motive when the service is free. The company makes its money from other related services. Check them out too.
According to the SpeakerNet News item, you register on the site and receive immediately an assigned phone number to use for call-ins and a PIN number. You do not need to schedule your calls. The regisatration is good for 120 days, renewable,  and entitles you to up to 96 participants for up to 6 hours, sufficient time for about 5 lectures I expect. Your email is secure.

They will also record your presentation without charge so you can recycle the presentation in the form of an MP3 or CD for sale. Sounds promising. Check out the details then compare with what your phone company is offering.

What do you think? Sound interesting? You'd need a way to collect a registration fee from participants before issuing the phone number and PIN. You'd need to deliver a handout. Neither are difficult to do my kids tell me.

No-charge conference calling — Leslie Austin

I have used for a couple of years with
great success. Their basic services are no-fee. You register on
their site and immediately are assigned a phone number to use for
call-ins and a PIN code. It's good for several months, and you
don't need to schedule your call with them. You can have up to 99
participants and up to 6 hours per call, all for no charge. And
they never give away or sell your email address.

They have no-charge recording of your call, so you can have the
recording available for repeat listening or for people who missed
the live conference. You can easily record your own conference,
convert it to MP3 or CD for sale. You can make the conferences
interactive or not, as you wish, all using codes on your
telephone keypad, no computer necessary.

They make their money from their paid services, which include
video teleconferencing and other services.


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