Ontario Genealogical Society 2006 in Oshawa

Just got back fron OnGS in Oshawa. It was a wonderful conference with about 500 attendees lots of great spekers, and a busy vendors area. Besides Yours Truly, there were many great speakers on the program, including some colleagues from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies : George Morgan from Florida, Ryan Taylor from Indiana, Dr. Penelope Christensen from British Columbia,  to name a few.  Brenda Dougall Merriman, Sharon Murphy were also there.  Sharon was showing off a beautifully illustrated family history just completed for a client.  Tammy Priolo was there in  the vendors area selling a new genealogy game. As games are a good way to learn, I think  you should check out her games at http://www.ancestorinvestigator.com/ I had a brief visit with Don Harris of Ancestry.ca and his associate Dave Obee from Victoria– a delightful speaker, They were running the Ancestry.ca lab. Dave informs me the Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies has cancelled their conference in June in Edmonton, Alberta. Few regisrations. So what gives? 500 people show up in Oshawa but in the heart of Eastern European settled Canada only a handful of people signed up for a conference. The key is promoting the right educational program to the right pepole to run at the appropriate time. What can you learn from this? 


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