The Referal Reward: Using Your Website to Identify New Clients

Ken profile.jpg
The problem with a website for advertising your services as a genealogy lecturer,teacher or event promoter is that websites like posters on laundromat walls, are passively waiting for people to come to it and even then, the visitor is unknown to you.

What is needed is a way to capture names, and contact information for followup. One way might be to have a way for the visitor to obtain free information by registering for it. Sandy Dumont  who delivers professional seminars was quoted recently on SpeakerNetNews,

"A couple of years ago I decided to make an electronic publicationof a recap of key points from my presentation. I turned it into a no-charge eBook which can now be ordered from my home page. In order to receive my eBook, visitors must go through my shopping cart and register their data. My database has now increased tenfold."

My friend,Peter Walton, suggested a refinement of this. Pete suggested a newletter and developed a very simple and creative website format to include a way for visitors to sign up for the newsletter. But here's the difference, Peter's website will allow you to create issues of the newletter in the website software and schedule the emailing of these newsletters. After signing up and confirming, subscribers receive your periodical newsletter– starting from the first one, not necessarily the current one. If this email newsletter can start anytime and be sent put every week, for example, it could just as easily be a learning assignment.. Students could start anytime, and get weekly or biweekly assinments. Take a look at Peter's website, then contact him ask him how you could use his website to register students for fee or free and send out weekly assignments. Or ask him how you can use his design to captue potential clients through a free newsletter through which you can subtly or blatently promote your services.

Does your website do more than sit there like a laundromat poster?


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