Genealogy Educators Should Not Move!

Ken profile.jpg is going to move. Ether-wise you will not notice any difference, still the same old address. But physically, we are moving west to Beautiful British Columbia. A moving estimator was in today to look us over and figured we had over 1,000 lbs of books in my office. I suspect that means over 1,000 lbs in the downstairs library, too.  That's a lot of books. So we will be trimming of the fat, again. It's a hard thing for me to weed out my personal library, but it must be done again.

Where ever we settle there will be new opportunities to teach and write genealogy, and acquire more books.

Over the next three weeks I will be on the road in British Columbia and California and will check in as often as I can with ideas and comments. While I am away The Manor will be in the capable hands of Poon Wai Hung, Eddie Tano and the dobermans. I trust they will not be having too many of their karate students over. Like Poon and Eddie, the dobermans have little use for blogs, and prefer hot and spicy food. Hopefully by mid summer we will be settled in our new home, leaving the house sitters in their favourite Chinese restaurant on the northern great plains.  More later


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