A Room of One’s Own


Looking for a new home in the west, but no palm trees yet. however, we found two suitable places in the Okanagan Valley, both coincidentally have nice dens where we can set up our computers, shelve our books and put up old family photographs– a home for Family History Education Services, and Genealogy Education. It is important, according to Virginia Woolf to have a room of one’s own to write in. If you don’t believe me, check Ronald Gross, The Indepenent Scholar’s Handbook


2 responses to “A Room of One’s Own

  1. Ken,

    Good luck with the home search and the suitable writer’s den. I’m quite happy in my cave (it used to be a bedroom) surrounded by books, magazines, bookcases. I am out of desk space, however.

    For the knowledge-poor non-Canadian blogger, where is the Okanagan Valley, and why would you live there? Perhaps it will be beachfront property with palm trees in 100 years or so when the sea level rises and global warming kicks in nice and high.

    Cheers — Randy

  2. The Aitken Compound in the west has been found. We dot the t’s and cross the i’s on the deal this week and move west to Penticton, British Columbia in mid July. There is a den. Looks nice. A modest little place, a nest in the west so to speak. Penticton is a small town of about 45000. I was born here. They need a professional genealogy educator somewhere here between the lakes.

  3. Good luck on the move, Ken, and enjoy your new digs. Sounds wonderful!

    I own and have read The Independent Scholar’s Handbook. I picked it up when I decided I wanted to get serious about genealogy and about teaching myself, since there aren’t any programs in my area (northeast Florida). Then I found the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. I’m about halfway to completing my Advanced Certificate. That doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned independent inquiry; I enjoy it too much!

    Another book I have found useful and inspiring on the subject of being an autodidact is Self-University, by Charles D. Hayes (Wasilla, Alaska: Autodidactic Press, 1989). While The Independent Scholar’s Handbook is a more practical how-to instruction, Self-University is more of a theoretical and philosophical work, though it also does give some practical advice.

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