New On-line Class in Canadian Immigration Records

1913 immigrants bus.jpg

Patricia McGregor recently created a new online course on Canadian Immigration Records that is being offered by the National Institute for Genealogical Studies

Details of this course follow.CANADIAN IMMIGRATION RECORDS: Instructor: Patricia McGregor, PLCGS

The study and understanding of immigration is more than just dates and ships' lists. Learning where our ancestors came from, and why, is a major goal for family historians. Canada was a beacon drawing waves of hopeful immigrants, even before it became a country in its own right. The course will emphasize the "push-pull" principle underlying two centuries of population growth, including significant emigrant groups, travel routes, government policies, sponsored and assisted settlement plans, ports of arrival, ships' passenger lists, North American border crossings, naturalization and citizenship. Each week will cover at least one immigration group or programme which made a significant contribution to settlement and growth of Canada. Attention is given to special collections such as Home Children and Russian Consular records. Students will learn about access to such sources and strategies for making the important connection to the ancestral country of origin.

For more inforation call the National Institute at (800) 580 0165. Tell them Ken sent you


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