Vibrant Language in my Marketing Material?

Orange Daisies.jpg

Does your promotional material pop with vibrancy like these flowers? Or like an old pair of gray socks? Never thought about it until Jane Atkinson e-mailed me today asking, "How vibrant is your marketing language?"

Supposing your state or regional genealogy society invited me and four other talented speakers to submit proposals for a one-day seminar event. The committee sits down, views my website, then my brochure, my media kit and the proposal I submitted and compares them with those other fabulous four speakers. Only one of us gets the job, One has a frsh, exciting website, a great media kit, fascinating seminar descriptions. jane wants to know if that one will be mine. And she offers some questions to help me improve my chances and make my marketing material more vibarant.

Janes questions went something like this:

  1. Has the language I use been used before?
  2. Does it show the flavor of my personality and project what is unique about me?
  3. Does it use language that sparkles with spirit? Does it vibrate or resonateoff the page?
  4. Does my marketing compete with leading genealogy speakers on the market today? Who is the hottest speaker in my category?
  5. Does the language of my marketig material make my client jump up and say, "Yes, We need Ken Aitken"

Sadly, Jane, my marketing package is lacking and I'll need to work on it. The advice I need to create that sparkling, vibrant marketing material is seldom found in local libraries. So Jane has written a book and a workbook and prepared an audio presentation to help us out. Interested? Check out her website. Click here.

Your comments are welcome as always.


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