Discovering Creative Training Strategies


Recently people have been suggesting books for me to read this summer to glean ideas and inspirations on creative training ideas. I've been thinking of developing some of my lectures into all day seminars and my associates have suggestions. So read on at the list of titles.

David Armstrong, Managing by Storying Around

Sharon Bowman, How to Give It so They Get It.

Leslie Charles and Chris Clarke, The Instant Trainer

Sheila Feigelson, Energize Your Meetings with Laughter.

Douglas Hall, Jump Start Your Brain

Allen Klein, The Healing Power of Humor

Ed Scannell, Games Trainers Play

Joanna Slan, Using Stories and Humor

Michael Vance and Diane Deacon, Thinking Out of the Box

Arthur B. VanGurdy, Brain Boosters for Business Advantage

Perhaps some of you have read some of these and would share your comments on how they could help me?


One response to “Discovering Creative Training Strategies

  1. For those unable to find the fourth title (“Energize Your Meetings with Laughter”), according to WorldCat, the author’s surname is “Feigelson” (“ei”, rather than “ie”).

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