Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

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An email yesterday asked that question. I was curious, as i’d never heard of a virtual assistant before, just what it was. Turns out its a person, not a PDA! The International Association of Virtual Assistants is made up of hundreds of bright, capable folks, many working from home, who do contract and hourly work for clients. They usually have multiple skills. For example, one specialized in bookkeeping, and related tasks, another secretarial. Many do custom design work: letterhead, busines cards, web sites, brochures, newsletter templates etc. Some will manage your databases, updating and running reports. Some will create strategies to increase your web exposure. What do I need to help me run my genealogy speaking business?

Here’s a few things I’d like a VA to do for me.

  1. Create a new website that captures contact information
  2. Produce a newsletter template for some targeted e-based newsletters
  3. Do targetted e-mail campaigns in new markets for me.
  4. Handle my course registrations
  5. Manage my speaking schedule
  6. Prepare and ship the materials I create to my lecture sites
  7. Answer my phone calls when I’m away- be the home office. ( There is something very appealing about my clients hearing a pleasant cheerful voice answer my calls, “Mr. Aitken’s office, how can we help you?”
  8. Find places on the web where my articles could be placed to increase my exposure
  9. Proof read my material.
  10. Poke me in the side to wake me up to the reality that she’d be worth as much as I am per hour!

All this considered, I suspect there are many tasks slowing my business down that I cannot see or do not do, that a VA could do give two hours a week.

Oh, and we need a maid service too!


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