Hermit Poet Drives North, Ken Packs

Neil.JPGKen profile.jpg

The Hermit Poet called last night late to tell us he forgot to sell the vacuum cleaner! Everything was gone, the car packed, loaded to the gunwhales and he had vacuumed all the rooms and now it approached midnight in the desert, he was alone with the machine! So some new tenant will get a surprise windbag. Meanwhile, back on the home quarter

I am packing up our home. Today we packed 20 boxes of books and files in the home office. There are about twenty more boxes of books to pack in the spare bedroom. But there is a growing pile of books and genealogy magazines going into the yard sale next saturday. Are all professional genealogists packrats? Are all ex-librarians book horders?

Bear with me for a bit through this trial.


One response to “Hermit Poet Drives North, Ken Packs

  1. Ken,

    I’d be interested in your criteria to keep or throw out the books and magazines. I too have a cave overflowing with paper and my better half keeps threatening to let the daylight in.

    Thanks — Randy

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