Know Your Audience

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The amazing Patricia Walls Stamm has an interesting article in the latest issue of the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly (APGQ) June 2006, page 83-84 entitled “Know your Audience”.  Take a good look. She writes,

“Our job, as instructors, is to ensure that the addults who take our courses walk away rewarded and satisfied with their accomplishments”  She discusses thecomplexity of adult learners, the need for different learning and  instructional styles.  She suggests 3 books:

Knowles, Malcolm S et al, The Adult Learner, Gulf Publishing, 1998
Pike, R.W. Creative Training Techniques Handbook, Lakewood Books, 2003
Steinbach, Bob. The Adult Learner, Strategies for Success. Crisp Publications, 1993


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